3 Surprising Benefits of Muscles

After joining CCF Athletics, our athletes start to build muscle fairly quickly. Building muscle is something that is natural as the body burns that fat when existing muscles are put to use with our functional fitness programming. Contrary to what many people think, regular fitness does not always mean that you will build muscle and “get bulky”. Most of our athletes lose body fat and get more toned physiques.

The CDC recommends regular physical activity as an important part of staying healthy. Aside from making you stronger, these new muscles also help your body perform and function better in surprising ways.

Here are some benefits of building muscle you might not have considered.

1. Weight control. The more muscle mass you acquire, the more calories you burn. So in addition to looking incredible in a tank top, those traps, lats, and biceps help you maintain your weight! You’ll burn more calories at rest when you have more muscles — about 50 calories a day for every pound of muscle you gain.

2. Injury prevention. Muscles help protect your joints, which is especially important as you age. Weight training strengthens the tendons along with the muscles, and it also increases the flexibility of the ligaments, which decreases your risk of strains or tears.

3. Improved stamina. At CCF Athletics we frequently do many repetitions of a movement with lighter weight, which builds your muscular endurance. This type of strength translates to activities outside the gym, like skiing, biking, running, swimming, and hiking.  

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