1. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PROGRESS - Sign up to our FREE fitness app SUGARWOD* to get access to our video demos of the daily WOD (Workout of the Day), and  LOG IN YOUR SCORE. Progress is important. Record your scores daily. 
  2. YOUR FIRST OFFICIAL CLASS/NEXT VISIT - Please check in with the coach on your 2nd visit. You will be taught how to check-in for class and will be asked to sign our e-waiver. 
  3. Chiropractic Services (In-house) - 1st & 3rd week of the month - W 830a-930a, 2nd & 4th week of the month - TH 530p-630p. For appointments, text coach Karen (909) 973-2546.
  4. NUTRITIONAL SPECIALIST* (In-house) Free initial consultation for new members. To schedule an appointment, Contact Laura Escamillo, Text (909) 509-1016.
  5. STAY INFORMED - Be in the know! Follow us on our social media platforms to keep up with announcements, events, and updates.


  1. ARRIVE EARLY/ BE ON TIME - We cover a lot in class and utilize every minute. If you're late, please assimilate into the class by mimicking what you see going on.
  2. CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR - You're going to be first in workouts - and last. Do not aim for perfection, aim to improve. Everyone is here to progress, encourage, support and participate together. 
  3. SAY HELLO - Introduce yourself to newcomers and make them feel welcome. CrossFit is community driven. We may train as individuals but we workout as a community. 
  4. LET COACHES COACH - Be respectful. You might learn something. Coaches will add or take-off weight from your bar. We care just as much about how well you move as well as how fast you go in the workout. Coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future - trust us, we have your best interest in mind. 
  5. CLEAN EQUIPMENT BEFORE/AFTER USE - Blood, sweat, and tears are a sign of awesomeness. Clean up your DNA by spraying cleaning solution on a clean rag and wiping all equipment and all surfaces touched. Help us keep the BOX clean and safe for all. 
  6. PUT AWAY YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT - Treat equipment with respect. DO NOT DROP kettlebells, dumbbells, and ANY BARBELL with less than 25 lbs plates.
  7. INJURIES - Do not do stupid things. Eliminate the unnecessary by listening to coaches. Always follow: TECHNIQUE - CONSISTENCY - INTENSITY. First comes form, then comes weight. It's that simple. If you feel pain or niggles, notify the coach to assess your technique.
  8. COUNT YOUR REPS HONESTLY - Nobody cares what your score is, but Everybody cares if you cheat. Effort earns respect.
  9. BREAK YOUR LAST PR - Push the boundaries and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  10. KIDS & DOGS WELCOME - KIDS must remain in our kid safe zone area (wood floor). Kids are not allowed in the gym area during class time (rubber mat). DOGS must be properly secure near the entrance area/ large bay doors, but not directly inside the gym. Barking dogs or non-friendly dogs will be asked to stay home. 
  11. HAVE FUN!  -While we do take our training seriously, we want everyone to have FUN in the process. We enjoy a laugh as much as you do. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@ccfathletics.com or call/text Coach Angie (562) 965-5433, Coach Karen (909) 973-2546
See you soon. 
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