Tactical Fitness Training – Ace Your Military or Law Enforcement Fitness Test

Train to Serve – Prior to basic, boot camp or police academy, personnel line up to take their physical fitness tests (PFT). Though each service and agency differs in testing exercises and measuring criteria, most personnel labor over this event for several weeks prior. But for those who properly prepare themselves, the PFT can be just another workout. The anxiety felt by most service members is largely due to performing within a time limit. The more your workouts are timed the better you are at “pacing” yourself, thus eliminating most anxiety.

FIT 4 Duty is designed for those individuals seeking a career in law enforcement and fire service who need to prepare for the entry-level physical fitness test. Skills required for the physical fitness test include sit-ups, push-ups, running specific distances in set times, climbing a fence/wall, and lifting weights that simulate the real-life weight of a person or object. This is an introductory class that will focus on the necessary training required to successfully pass these tests.  We recommend that this class be part of an existing workout regimen to properly prepare each candidate for the total academy experience.

  • Speed and Endurance – Run faster and further.
  • Strength and Power – Lift equipment, gear, and people.
  • Flexibility and Mobility – Move easily over uneven terrain and in between obstacles.
  • Muscle Stamina – Move yourself and gear up, over, under, and through space.
  • Old Man Grip – Hold gear, climb rope, grab things and people without tiring.
  • Skills – Swim to save a life, to cross a river, meet up with a ship or sub for extraction, and to be effective on 75% of this planet.
  • And more – Anything and everything in your job.

CrossFit is an excellent way to build your strength, endurance, stamina, and mental toughness, all of which you’ll need to successfully get through boot camp and the academy. At CCF Athletics, we will prepare you mentally as well as physically. Our workouts are much tougher than anything you will face in the real PFT test or during police academy training, that we are confident, you will finish among the top of your class.

Ace any law enforcement fitness test! If you are interested in starting a workout program to create a healthy lifestyle, Contact us for a free physical assessment test, intro workout, and gym tour.