Need a place to prepare for your next event? SpartanFIT is just for you!

Have you ever wanted to run a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or any other obstacle course race (OCR)? Join our OCR Team and we will get you ready.

If Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is your favorite sport and you’ve been looking everywhere for a place to prepare for your next event, SpartanFIT is just for you!  These classes will get you stronger and more fit than you ever thought possible and will prepare you for events like the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc. as well as in daily life.

SpartanFIT  is a unique group exercise program that incorporates: running, carrying, climbing, jumping, and crawling

Learn the skills and techniques to successfully perform: scaling walls, monkey bars and ring swings, slinging ropes, climbing nets, flipping tires, and spear throwing

SpartanFIT is about changing the mind and body from the inside out. SpartanFIT prepares people for life! It is not about curling, running or biking — it is about pushing, pulling, jumping, stretching, breathing and sweating. You’ll know at the finish line!

We suggest you start your training 4-6 week prior to your race date. You can choose from 2 different training options:

Option A.  Drop-In Rate – $25 per session – Saturdays 8:00am  – Skills Course – Build your strength, technique, and confidence to conquer any obstacle, while still burning calories and maintaining a high level of fitness.  This class is fun and based on teamwork!

Option B.  6-week progression program – $250 – Meets 3x/week: every Saturday at 8AM, plus 2 weekly classes. Let us help you prepare for the Super or the Beast course. You’ve conquered the obstacles and completed some races, now lets test your grit.  This arduous course is always a challenge both physically and mentally.  This class is based on competition and invite only once we’ve assessed you fitness level!